How to select and maintain laser heads in the 10KW cutting times

With the maturity of more than 10kW fiber laser technology, laser power of more than 10kw fiber laser cutting equipment has gradually become popular in the market, for thick plate cutting provides a better solution. While, many manufacturers are not familiar with the configuration and operation of ultra-high-power fiber laser cutters. As a result, Raycus’s advanced cutting application engineers have specialized in the selection, installation, maintenance and precautions of cutting heads over 10kw.

Parts selection
1. Lens ratio: 10kw cutting head proofing and focus lens ratio of 100/200 is suggested. Or use adjustable zoom head (10kw fiber laser covering plate cutting thickness range is very wide, requires extensive focus adjustment).
2. Connector: Currently, the output head of a 10kw fiber laser is mainly Q-plus and QD. When selecting cutting heads, they should be consistent. The output head of the Sundor laser 10kw fiber laser belongs to the Q-type.
Maintains more than 10kw cutting heads
(1) Before using the cutting head, it is recommended to wrap a layer of tape around the cutting head to avoid dust into the crevices of the cutting head during subsequent maintenance.
(2) After the internal lens of the 10kw cutting head is damaged or damaged, it is recommended to replace it. Cleaning is not recommended, to avoid secondary contamination.
(3) In addition to replacing the protective mirror of the 10kw cutting head, it can also be operated on the cutting machine. Replacing the upper protective lens and the focus lens must be done in more than 1,000 dust-free environments.
(4) Check the lens of the 10kw cutting head. First, use the white paper to check for black spots in the red light of the WMW fiber laser, and then output the laser at low power consumption. Check the site with black light-sensing paper. Finally, remove the lens and check under the microscope.
Cooling over 10kw cutting head
1. Cooling configuration: The diameter of the water pipe output from the water cooler output to the cutting head must be greater than the diameter of the water cooling interface of the cutting head (8mm), the water flow ≥4L/min, and the water temperature is 28-30 degrees C.
2. Water flow direction: high temperature water output water cooler→ output head 10kw fiber laser → cavity 10kw cutting head→ high temperature water input water cooler→ bottom cavity 10kw cutting head.
3. Coolant: Since some brands of cutting head do not have a cooling device at the bottom of the cavity, it is recommended to install a water-cooled module in order to ensure long-term stable treatment and avoid the high temperature of the cutting head affecting subsequent operation.
Apply Sundor 10kw laser cutting
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