Sun Shengguo, general manager of Shanda Laser, donated 270,000 epidemic prevention materials to support the prevention and control of the COVID-19 in his hometown.

With the development and change of the epidemic, the prevention and control of epidemic prevention materials is very important to win this battle against epidemic prevention. Zheng Jian, deputy secretary of Moqi Baoshan Town, actively contacted Sun Shengguo, general manager of Beijing Sundor Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., and actively coordinated the transportation of materials, this morning, the first batch of 6000 KF94 masks have been delivered to the Moqi government. The second shipment will be delivered on 10 February. Sun Shengguo, a native of the village of Nirki in the town of Moqinirki, is a Communist Who, although he has worked in the field for many years, always pays attention to his hometown and always remembers that he is a member of his hometown. After the outbreak, he contacted Zheng Jian, understand the importance of epidemic prevention and control materials for this time Moqi epidemic prevention and control work, he through personal coordination to buy 6000 KF94 masks, 4000 N95 masks, 10,000 disposable medical masks, a total value of 270,000 yuan. In two batches, the train was sent to the Na River and then to Moqi.

One side has difficulties, eight sides support. Sundor Laser closely follows the development of the epidemic and works with the whole society to help prevent and control the epidemic. It is reported that the donation of funds will be earmarked by the local new coronavirus infection of pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command unified deployment and use.

At present, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work into a critical period, multi-site protective supplies, prevention and control equipment reserves, masks, disinfectants, protective clothing, goggles and other resources shortage, in the face of the epidemic, hope that all sectors of the community love enterprises, love people to help, actively donate donations, in good faith, practical action to support the epidemic prevention and control, and jointly strive to win this prevention and control battle!

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Post time: Mar-09-2021